You’re here because you want to create pleasure, ease, and comfort in a partner’s life, all with an air of luxury. Perhaps you find that service without a feeling of formality doesn’t fulfill you. Maybe, like me, you’ve had fantasies about wearing a tailcoat and bowtie while you manage a beautifully orchestrated event – all with a handsome smile.

We here at The Kinky Butler want to encourage your desire for formality. We personally know the exquisite pleasure of buttoning up a crisp shirt, sliding on white gloves, and carrying a silver platter around a room. There’s nothing like knowing your actions took someone’s day from mundane to splendid and extravagant.

You may worry that you can’t provide butler-level service. I want you to know that you don’t need to care for an expansive estate or large fortune to elevate your service. The butler’s touch you add might be in your posture, language, and choice of materials. Serving a modest dinner by candlelight with polished stemware can make a weeknight lavish.

We have lofty goals for The Kinky Butler. For the time being, we have many written resources. I recommend starting with this article of vital definitions, and another on butler philosophy. I encourage you to explore the site and contact us with any questions you have in the comments section below each article, as well as via email.

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Please enjoy.